Why Choose KGVG?
Team Building. (aka herding cats) We meet and listen to all the team members. Because of our lifetime in both production and engineering we truly understand teamwork, priorities, trade-offs and workflow.

Our list of credits! As facility users as well as designers, we are continually operating the latest (and at times the oldest) equipment in the field and in facilities around the country. We've seen great concepts, as well as some not so great ideas.

We have "real world" experience with high-end production in the lighting, video and audio departments.

More Reasons to Choose KGVG
We do not sell equipment! KGVG is truly "vendor neutral" which means that our equipment recommendations will be based solely on how well they fulfill your needs and how well they have performed in the field.

Because we are very active in television production, chances are that we have used most of the equipment available.

The Burger King Philosophy. You want it your way and we understand that we are here to serve you. Would you like to biggie size that?

kent@kgvg.com / Main (615) 822-3443 / Mobile (615) 415-2743